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Animal Welfare Principles & Assessment - Online Workshop

To be leaders in our field, animal welfare is paramount. High standards of welfare are important for animals and enable or support an enjoyable and memorable visitor experience through opportunities to see positive animal behaviours. If your profession is devoted to animal care, this workshop gives you the skills to create robust animal welfare foundations, understand ways how animal care programs affect animal welfare, and implement strategies for continuous improvement in animal welfare.

3 sessions

Building a Sustainable Business - Online Workshop

Businesses have huge potential to create positive and profitable change as the world’s environmental agenda increases. Measuring the success of your organisation increasingly means limiting social and environmental impact, and aligning strategies to curb emissions. Guided by expert facilitators with firsthand knowledge of Zoos Victoria’s sustainability practices, learn how you can proactively manage your organisation's environmental impact.

2 hours

Behaviour Change Essentials: Inspiring Conservation Action - Online Workshop

Central to the conservation challenge today is human behaviour and understanding that being a part of the problem, we are also part of the solution. This CUA workshop helps participants understand and identify the role they play in inspiring behaviour change within their community, and how to create engaging and impactful campaigns. Learn from the founders of CUA with integrated case studies of Zoos Victoria’s award-winning Community Conservation Campaigns.

2 days

Bowling 2019

This year the ASZK is linking up to raise critical funding for the excellent work of the Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre (TRACC). More information including event date to come soon!

Sydney, Australia

2019 ASZK Annual Conference

This year's conference on collaborative conservation will be held in Sydney, Australia at the Holiday Inn in Parramatta. Registrations close on the 26th April.

2 Days
Holiday Inn, Parramatta

14th International Conference of Environmental Enrichment

Understanding animals in the wild and captivity, multifaceted approaches to improve animal welfare, novel technologies to improve and understand animal welfare, cognition and animal welfare.

7 Days
Kyoto, Japan