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Carnivore Keeper

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Project Manager

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Veterinary Technician

Cheetah Conservation Fund


Cheetah Conservation Fund

Zoo Keeper

Wellington Zoo Trust Applications Close: 29/03/2020

Ectotherm Keeper (Permanent Part-time)

Melbourne Zoo Applications Close: 30/03/2020

Ectotherm Keeper (Full-time contract)

Melbourne Zoo Applications Close: 30/03/2020

Small Carnivore Keeper

Tasmania Zoo Applications Close: 31/03/2020

Senior Keeper

Macadamia Castle Applications Close: 01/04/2020

Technical Officer (Zoology)

Perth Zoo Applications Close: 06/04/2020

Curator (Elephants and Ungulates)

Sydney Zoo Applications Close: 08/04/2020

Lead Aquarist

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Study Opportunities

Gateway learning opportunities for Zookeepers looking to enhance their professional skillsets.

Taronga Training Institute

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

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