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Job opportunities

Leaf Cutter at Dreamworld

Environmental Education Officer at Mogo Zoo

Permanent Full Time Animal Food Prep at Altina Wildlife Park

Team Leader/Bird & Mammal Department Keeper at Oakvale Wildlife Park

Animal Trainer and Conditioner at Featherdale Wildlife Park

Great Apes Keeper at Auckland Zoo and Orana Park Christchurch – Closing 6 December 2017

Animals Asia Bear and Vet Team Director China – Application Form – Closing 8 December 2017

Level 2 Technical Officer Zoology (Australian Fauna) – Closing 11 December 2017

Level 4 Senior Technical Officer Zoology (Australian Fauna) – Closing 15 December 2017

Part Time Zookeeper at Wild Animal Encounters – Closing 22 December 2017

Casual Employment with Perth Zoo – Technical Officer Zoology – Closing 27 April 2018




Study opportunities

Taronga Training Institute

Richmond College of TAFE- a career in zoo keeping

Charles Sturt University in NSW – Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management