Enrichment Survey – Big Cats

Charles Darwin University are conducting research in to environmental enrichment practices in zoos and other captive facilities. The research will span across multiple taxa, but is currently focusing on big cats. CDU has asked for our members to participate in a short survey. The below is from researcher Kat Tuite:

The purpose of the research project “Fostering enrichment in zoos” is to gain insights into the current enrichment practices that encourage positive animal welfare. This research aims to identify factors that both facilitate and limit enrichment progress in captive animal facilities. The outcomes from this project will be used to support people working with big cats in zoos, sanctuaries, rescue facilities and research centres. A summary of the results will be distributed widely to ensure that the keepers and managers invested in the wellbeing of their animals can continue building on existing practices, while also gaining access to the latest advancements in the field to raise the standard for big cat enrichment.

People working with big cats🐅 are invited to share insights from personal experiences in the BIG CAT ENRICHMENT survey. The survey is open to all keepers, head keepers, volunteers, and management staff: https://bit.ly/2XlRZbU

Please circulate amongst your networks, every voice counts in making a better future for the welfare of our animals!


Don’t work with big cats? Keep an eye out for another survey coming soon into enrichment practices for all species of animals!