14 Jan Bowling for Batagur Turtles 2016

In 2016, we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The ASZK! One of the biggest events on the ASZK calendar is of course the annual ‘Bowling For’ fundraising campaign. During the week from April 4th 2016 we will be assisting another very worthy cause and promoting the conservation of our first turtle species… Bowling for Batagur Turtles! Click here for the even sponsorship form.

The genus Batagur describes six species of river turtles of South-East Asia, all of which have suffered drastic declines across most of their historic range. Today, five out of the six species are Critically Endangered, and the sixth is listed as Endangered, according to the IUCN Red-List. The Turtle Survival Alliance of Texas USA, (along with many partners), has headed many in-situ and ex-situ conservation initiatives right across the world, some of which focus on Batagur species.

Funds raised across the Australasian Region in early 2016 through the ASZK’s ‘Bowling For Batagur Turtles’ campaign will directly assist the vital and time-critical work of the Turtle Survival Alliance to lift the profile and survivorship of Batagur species. With a particular focus on localised projects in India and Sumatra, these funds will contribute to the protection and re-wilding of B. kachuga, B. affinis and B. borneoensis, to try to stabilise local populations, and threat abatement.

As in every year, the ASZK has put together our own custom T-shirts for the event. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts assists with fundraising for the TSA. These shirts are again only AU$25 each and will come in a range of sizes Click here to view the T-shirt design.  Fill out this order form and Contact the bowling representative at your institution for orders, or if your institution doesn’t yet have a bowling rep, email us to become one: bowling@aszk.org.au.